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The Most Useful Class

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The Most Useful Class
When it comes to public speaking, most people will tell you that they hate it and will never ever do it. Well if you ever want to become successful in your future, then it is a MUST that you take public speaking. It is a class that will benefit you for a life time and you will have NO regrets whatsoever taking public speaking.
I myself learned a lot in public speaking. I took the class in high school, so I was kind of familiar and comfortable with it. But the high school class wasn’t as in depth as the college course is. I plan on joining the United States Marine Corps this fall. I know for a fact that public speaking will already put me ahead of all the other marines when I join. Most people think Public Speaking only applies to speaking in front of a large audience or a formal speaking type setting. But it doesn’t!
Not only has this class helped me speak in front of large audiences, but it has also allowed me to become a better communicator as a person as well. And this is important in our everyday lives as humans. If you don’t learn how to properly communicate with another person then you won’t be very successful in life. This class is one of the key main ingredients when it comes to success in life.
This class helped me build my speaking confidence as well. It will teach you principles and techniques that help you mentally when speaking in front of people. I have a buddy who wants to major in business for his college degree and he asked me if a public speaking class would benefit him. I told him it would definitely benefit him. He still had mixed feelings about taking the class still because “he doesn’t like speaking in front of people.” So to help him better understand why this class would help him I gave him a scenario.
I told him to imagine himself competing for a big time promotion in a company. It came down to him and another...

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