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The Motivation of Dreams

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The Motivation of Dreams
The ultimate objective of life is to turn dreams into reality. Dreams are valuable because they are the ideal life conditions that people want to live in. They provide a source of motivation to achieve great success in the future. This motivation can be seen in the characters of many novels including David Adams Richards's The Lost Highway and Francis Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. In both novels, the protagonists strive for dreams of winning over the loves of their lives through their pursuit of wealth, rejection of reality, and persistence of ambition.
Firstly, Gatsby -- the protagonist of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby-- follows his dream of achieving Daisy’s love through his growth in wealth. When Gatsby first meets Daisy, he falls in love with her. However, she soon leaves him for her life that is filled with riches. Because Gatsby was a “penniless young man” (Fitzgerald, 149), he was determined to obtain wealth in order to impress Daisy: “He wants her to see his house...” (Fitzgerald, 80). He had great desire to attract Daisy through wealth and became a rich man who owned a beautiful mansion: “It took me just three years to earn the money that bought [the house]” (Fitzgerald, 91). Gatsby’s quest for money demonstrates great initiative to stun Daisy.
Similarly, Alex-- the protagonist of Richards's The Lost Highway-- seeks to gain the treasure of his life, Minnie, by gaining wealth. Early on, Alex loses Minnie to Sam Patch, who she eventually marries. However, Alex does not give up on his dream for Minnie. He goes to steal his uncle's winning 13 million dollars lottery ticket because he believes the wealth is the solution to obtain his dream: “The ticket was the life vest of the drowning man” (Richards, 184). Alex thinks that by giving away money, Minnie “would come to see who he was” (Richards, 131). Concluding sentence...

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