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The Need for a National Health Care Plan

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The Need for a National Health Care Plan in the United States

Working in the health care industry for the past thirty years has permitted me to gain first hand, up close and personal knowledge of the health care system in our country. Dealing with the facets of humanity over the past ten years who have no health care coverage, or those who are aided by the state in which they live has led me to form a definite opinion’s about the necessity for a national health care plan. My thought process about the national health plan has evolved around major components of health care, affordability, accessibility, and quality of care. At a time in society when the United States is trying to bounce back from deep recession, a joblessness rate hovering around eight percent, homelessness, and so many underemployed among other things we have the tenacity to engage in an ongoing debate over the need for national healthcare national healthcare. While I understand that a great deal of my fellow citizens feel that a national health care plan is not necessary, I feel that given information that may not have been accessed by them a common ground can be reached and the validity of the need solidly established.

The United States is the only remaining industrialized nation without a national health plan is it any wonder that we feel privileged enough even to argue the issue. Jobless, homeless, underemployed, members of our society would gladly step to the podium and proclaim they are unable to obtain, treatment, medication, needed procedures, and even basic medical care. Before phase I of the national health plan parents of children of eighteen but below the age of twenty-five would have joined them at the podium. However, one thing that is certain with the aforementioned facet of society was their inability to afford health care coverage, or the exact type of health care coverage...

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