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The Negative Social Implications of Modern Communication Technology

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In today’s technological information age, we have created many beneficial technologies in order to enhance our daily lives. From fully electric luxury cars to the massive knowledge base and international gateway, the internet. However, one of the most important modern advances we have made amongst these, is our modern mobile communication devices. For the purpose of this research paper we will primarily be focusing on the mobile phone, or cell phone which has reshaped the way we communicate on a personal and global scale. Being able to stay connected has never been as easy as it is today, which makes it even easier to see all of the benefits on communication advances have brought to our global community. However true this might be, while modern communication technology can help keep us as a people connected better than ever before, this same technology is having a negative effect on our social communication due to overuse which brings direct connections to depression which causes withdrawal from historical social norms, social anxiety particularly in young members of our society, as well its affect on many people's feeling of loneliness. Depression is a disorder that is part of our human nature. Depression is, according to Oyama (2015) “One of the most common psychiatric disorders to occur in most lifetimes, caused by biological, psychological, social, and/or environmental factors.” Depression itself is a deep seeded issue, that is not something that simply passes with time, but rather can last for long stretches of time and in most cases needs to be treated with therapy or in severe situations, medication. There are many causes of depression. One contributing factor to the onset of depression in today's society, is the overuse of mobile communication technologies. This overuse can cause the onset or increase in the symptoms of depression for a variety of...

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