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Dr. Fred Ervin, Principal Mrs. Stefanie Stinchcomb, Asst. Principal **********************************************************************************************************
2015-2016 Language Arts Syllabus for 6th, 7th, 8th grade English Language Arts

Tamela Jones,, Mrs. Laura White, Carrie Kitchens, Sara Jackson

planning periods: 6th & 7th periods (White), 1st & 5th (Jones), 1st & 3rd (Jackson), 2nd & 3rd(Kitchens)

ELA Goal: The goal of the English Language Arts class is to assist students in becoming better writers. This will be accomplished through hands on activities involving the steps of the writing process and review of the 4 areas of Language Arts: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Grading Policy: Homework = 10% Tests/Essays/Projects = 40% Class Work/Quizzes = 50%
All assignments will be graded within a timely manner. As per school policy all test/quizzes will be returned within a week. Essays will be returned within a two week period.
Grading Scale: A: 100-90 B: 89-80 C: 79-71 D: 70 F: Below 70

ELA 8 Standards:

Make-Up Work: If a student must be absent, it is his/her responsibility to obtain make-up work and complete it in a reasonable amount of time, with a minimum of three (3) days for each day absent. If a student needs to make up an assignment that must be completed in the classroom, they should come during homeroom or before school (ie. quiz). If a student is present in class, but chooses not to complete an assignment, the ability to earn partial credit will be determined after a discussion with the student, a coach, or a parent.
Late Work: Each assignment/assessment includes both a due date and a deadline date. The deadline date is the absolute last day an assignment/assessment could be turned in. As long as the work was completed by the deadline, students could earn full credit.

Assessment: Students will be evaluated for mastery of standards primarily through writing products, CDAs, DL quizzes, as well as observation and participation in class activities. In addition, students will recite a poem each 9 weeks. The poem will be given at the beginning of the quarter and recitations will be performed before the grading period ends. All students will maintain a writing portfolio, which will be stored in the classroom. Parents and students are welcome to peruse the work products in the writing portfolio by appointment.

Tutoring: Assistance is available in the mornings 7:45-8:10 AM by appointment.

Daily Warm Up: Every day, the agenda is posted on the board. Students must write the information in their Agendas and raise their hand for the teacher to sign it. At that point, the teacher will give the students warm up sheet for the week. It is their responsibility to maintain the sheet as another will not be given. Students may use any available materials in the classroom to find information, such as texts listed below, dictionaries, or computers. A 10 question quiz on the Daily Language Warm Up will be given.
Expectations: Yeager students are expected to behave in a safe, respectful, and responsible manner at all times. This includes being seated with all materials and working on the Warm Up when class begins, completing all assignments on time, and following rules of discussion (raise hand to speak, wait to be recognized, and listen attentively when others are speaking). Students should come to class prepared to learn with all necessary materials (ring binder, paper, pen/pencil, LA Notebook). Failure to follow expectations will result in parent contact, isolation, detention, and discipline referrals, if needed.

Homework: There will be homework every week with any exceptions noted in the Agenda. The assignment will be a review/preview of the following lessons. The homework grade will be assessed in the following manner: 100% if complete and turned in on time, 80% if turned in complete but less than a week late, and 0% if not turned in or more than a week late.

Communication: Students must have an AGENDA, which is a valuable communication tool between home and school. The agenda will be signed by teachers, and parents/guardians are asked to sign the agenda EVERY day, as well. Each Friday, Agendas will be checked before lunch for 3 consecutive parent signatures. Those students who do not meet this criteria will earn silent lunch that day. Infinite Campus is available for parents. A grade printout & graded papers are given out every Friday if the student has an Agenda. Reminders will also be sent out on Remind 101.

Student Materials: Ring binder with a section for Language Arts, folder dividers, single subject spiral notebook, filler paper, pencils, and blue/black pens.

LA Materials: Elements of Writing and Elements of Literature (Holt, Rinehart, Winston), Use It! Don’t Lose It! By Marjorie Frank, and other texts and resources related to the curriculum.

I have read, and I understand the Yeager Middle School Language Arts Department Syllabus for 2015–2016.

_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature DATE Student Signature DATE LA Period

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