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The New Trend of Bedside Reporting Versus Traditional Taped Report Methods

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The New Trend of Bedside Reporting Versus Traditional Taped Report Methods

Community Health Nursing
Lewis Clark State College

The change from taped report to a bedside report is essential to increasing patient safety and satisfaction, nursing satisfaction, physician satisfaction, and a savings to the health-care facility. The Joint Commission found that the breakdown in communication during the shift report is a leading cause of sentinel events in the United States (Laws & Amato, 2010). We will explore benefits to the patient, nurse, facility and physician.
The patient and family benefit by becoming a part of their own treatment. They will participate in decisions and know at all times the plan for their care. This autonomy helps the patient to have a confidence in the health-care facility and staff. They provide essential information that is not available otherwise to assist in providing the best care possible for the patient. With the family and patient being informed about the plan of care, they are less anxious. This promotes more compliance with care and willingness to start treatments earlier. These patients have a higher level of satisfaction and are less likely to litigate (Anderson & Mangino, 2006). In a study at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in San Diego County, a 481-bed community hospital, the patient benefits included a reduction of unanswered call lights and a reduction in patient falls. With the bedside report, patients are able to have needs met when bedside reporting is taking place. Before the change to bedside reporting, the Progressive Care Unit of this hospital experienced about six call lights at change of shift. After the change, call lights are rare. The patient fall numbers have reduced in a similar manner. Before the implementation of bedside reporting, there were 1 to 2 patient falls each month at shift…...

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