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The Next Step

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The Next Step

" What's next ?" is the question asked by many high schoolers after graduation. Most people go directly to a 4 year college/university, others obtain a trade , join the workforce or simply do nothing at all. Personally, I feel as if going directly to a four year institution is best for these three reasons; you will socialize and develop a network of friends , self discovery and obtain a marketplace degree that gives you more job opportunities.

Meeting new people can be a joyous thing. Colleges are mixed with many different cultures. Expanding your connections with people is an essential part of life. Being able to have friends in higher places makes it easier for you when you enter into the workforce. As people say it's not what you know it's who you know in most cases. So being open to new people is a great idea.

When you are out on your own you are able to find out who you truly are. Staying at home in the same environment does not help you discover your true self at all. College opens you up to so many different clubs and organizations that teach you how to be social. Fraternities and sororities are among the many clubs. Knowing who you are is a very essential part of life.
In today's world you can not work at a fast food restaurant without having a high school diploma. Imagine what the education qualifications are for corporate America or major factories like Mercedes. Working in a fast food restaurant for 50 or more years in this generation should not be because there are so many opportunities for us. Obtaining a marketable degree is the best option for anyone , no there is no guarantee you will get a job in whatever you major in but there is a great possibility you will.
All three factors are essential in life. Knowing people , having a marketable degree and most important one of all knowing yourself. Some individuals might decide to do otherwise which is understandable, college is not for everyone, but for those that do they're making a wise choice. College will change your life completely in so many different ways.

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