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The Nighrt I Was Schedule for a C-Section

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The night I was schedule for a C-section

On May 2, 2011 at 5:00am I was schedule to be at the hospital for a C-section with my last daughter, who is now two years old. I was thirty nine weeks and so ready to have this baby. I was having pain and because time was getting near I was very nervous. I hadn’t had a C-section in twelve years. My boyfriend (Dean) of eight years wasn’t home, after trying to call and texts him and receives no answer I ask my oldest daughter (Shaneque) will she go ahead and take me to the hospital. As we were about to leave Dean came home. I knew something wasn’t right when he got out of the car and the front of his pants was wet and he was intoxicated. He ask me where I was going I reply by saying I’m going ahead to the hospital I’m in pain and you are making me stress worst. He said I’m going to take you, which I knew was no way I was getting in the car with him while he was intoxicated and I didn’t want him at the hospital smelling like alcohol. I refused and he got violent my girls were scared and ask him to leave me alone they would take me but he wasn’t hearing that. He continue to try and get me in the car I kind of gave in because the situation wasn’t getting better my kids begin to argue with him and said to me mommy don’t get in that car. I knew trying to be reasonable to someone that has been drinking wasn’t going to be easy and it wasn’t he began to choke me and call me names I only remember falling on the ground and my kids screaming and attacking him. As I try to sit up I saw him trying to get away from my kids and run to his car the police was called and I was rush to the hospital by EMS. I was very upset and nervous my face was swollen from falling on the cement and I had a bust lips. When I arrived at the hospital they immediately started an IV got a monitor on the baby and found out she was in distress I didn’t and never...

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