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The Oconnor Company

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The O’Connor Company Inc.
Travis Clark
21 March 2011
Steven Goldstein

The company I have chosen is the O’Connor Company. This company began doing business in 1920 as a small commercial and industrial wholesaler. They have grown into a large company now and do millions of dollars a month in business. The company has multiple locations throughout the Midwest which include three in Kansas City, Tulsa, Wichita, Des Moines and Omaha. The company is one of the only companies in these areas that sell the high end heating and cooling products from American Standard, Trane, Honeywell and several others. I have chosen to focus on their accounting, marketing and sales departments. The accounting department at O’Connor has a lot of challenges to face with the thousands of customers to the employees getting paid. There are many accounting programs and software applications out there to choose from but I would go with Sage ERP MAS 200. The distribution solutions provide ways to; track inventory at multiple locations, Maintain detailed sales history for each customer, product, and product line, Automate your shipping process and save money, Increase sales with efficient credit card processing and access 24/7 online payment reports, Bring your company online with e-Business Manager, Allow customers to securely order online, get account status, browse products, and securely place orders. (N/A 2011) This would be a great solution for the type of business they do on a day to day basis. The sales department also deals with a lot of different challenges. They have to constantly sell the company’s products to their customers and have to make sure they don’t get beat out by other manufactures lower prices. The sales team also is out on the road every day making sure their clients are happy and help set up their shops to help with productivity. They also help bid jobs...

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