The Olympics and Bribery

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The Big Business of the Olympics and Bribery
Unit 2 IP- International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business
Rachel Davis
American Intercontinental University

The Big Business of the Olympics and Bribery Since the winter of November 1998, there have been serious allegations made regarding the involvement of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and the questionable lobbying methods which were used to entice the International Olympics Committee to select Salt Lake City as the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics. There can be a very fine line between what is considered lobbying and bribery, and this situation walks this line narrowly. There are few differences between the acts of bribery and lobbying, but the few details are enough to separate one from legal implications. Lobbying is typically described as giving money as contribution to political groups in exchange for hoped-for favorable treatment when certain legislative and political decisions are made (Lobbying vs. Bribery,2010). When a business, corporation, or individual gives property or money in exchange for a specific return, it is considered bribery (Lobbying vs. Bribery, 2010). It can also be said that lobbying is, in many cases, looked at as an attempt to change existing rules or policies, while bribery is usually an attempt to get around these rules or policies (Bribe or Lobby?(it's a matter of development), 2005). Any argument that could be made by the SLOC defending their payments as justified lobbying would be futile. There were clear and concise rules stating that any money used in the lobbying of the IOC by the SLOC was not to exceed a limit of $150, which they clearly went above and over. One small detail which could be used in their defense would involve the statement made in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act regarding payments being made that assist the payer to obtain ministerial actions, and…...

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