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The Onion

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The onion: a complex mass consisting of many layers of burning hatred. A food substance that has the power to bring tears to the eyes of even the strongest men, the onion provides no purpose other than to leave your mouth a fiery wasteland. Sure some enjoy the satisfying crunch they supply to delicious deli sandwich or juicy burger, but then the searing pain sets in and all trust you had in your topping of choice has now been betrayed. You start to question your life choices as you consume gulp after gulp of you bubbly beverage in hopes to neutralize the sneak attack on your taste buds. This wise and formidable foe has once again bested you. He is a master of disguise, taking the forms varying from raw root vegetable to caramelized deliciousness, using all his abilities to stealth in for the kill. I first encountered my opponent at the young age of 10, an innocent little girl to some, but an easy target in the eyes of the onion. The devilish con-artist weaseled its way into the hearts of my family, but upon laying eyes on it in my meatloaf I was suddenly overwhelmed with reluctance and suspicion. I tried my best to pick out the onion who had taken the shape of tiny diced chunks; however my efforts were to no avail. I soon became tired, hunger getting the best of me and gave in. I took my first bite and began to chew at first the crispiness was a welcome partner to my loaf of God knows what; I chewed and chewed and then finally, as I began to let my guard down, that is when he decided to strike! I could feel the burn start to take over, mild in the beginning then slowly growing in strength. One by one the tiny onions were assaulting me, throwing what I can only describe as little vials of acid at my tongue and my cheeks were taking damage from the splash effect. I very quickly became distraught, tears welling up in my eyes as my innocence was stolen from me....

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