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The Other Woman by Norma Miraflor

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(b. 1944)

 1965 - graduated Magna Cum Laude, majoring in philosophy at the University of Santo Tomas  Became known as a columnist for Asia Philippines Leader and editor for NOW Magazine  1974 – founded Female magazine in Singapore  1994 – First novel, Island of Wives  1998 – A Dream of Peace and Other Stories, a collection of her stories from the 1960s and the 1990s  2002 – Remembered Songs and Other Stories, a collection of new stories  Owns a publishing company based in Singapore with husband, author Ian Ward

Title: The Other Woman Genre: Short Story
 2nd Prize, Short Story, English Division, 1979 Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature

Time: Day to day life of a woman who is a mother, a wife, and a daughter Place: At her home, her father’s house, or her lover’s rented room

The Wife and Mother o Always writing letters o Vice President of the Garden Club o Gourmet chef o Majored in Literature o “..A pregnant bride..” o “..An average mother with average wants.”

The Lover o “..A sudden downpour that had them seeking shelter under an adequate awning in a street..” o A married young man with a young daughter o “..Taught at a boys’ school and wrote in his spare time..” o His “escape” – a rented room in a dilapidated apartment

The Husband o Anton Sr. o “A successful heart man” o “The house was his” o Book – “the level of everyday’s most quiet need, by sun and candlelight”



 Unit 7: Interrogating Gender Relations and the Filipino  The roles women play in the society: as a wife, a mother, and a daughter  A married woman having an affair with a younger, also married man

 The woman’s life was a routine. o Every morning she prepares breakfast for her husband and sons, and cleaned after them after they had gone. o On her desk by the kitchen window, she wrote letters. o Every morning of the first Thursday of the month, she held…...

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