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The Overall Well Being of Children

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The Overall Well Being of Children
LeTeya M. Scott
HS5318: Scope of Human Services
Capella University

TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents of Paper 3-9 References 10-12

The topic of Child Welfare has a plethora of issues and problems that can be addressed to better serve the victims and families. In the Child Welfare profession, one of the biggest misconceptions is the agency wants to permanently remove children from their families and because of this many times Child Welfare workers receives constant ridicule and backlash for carrying out their job duties. In order to properly protect children, Child Welfare workers require a substantial amount of support from other local agencies, state and federal governments. Often in time, when working with families dealing with maltreatment, the individual committing the maltreatment has no idea that what they did was wrong. It is during the removal of the victim(s) and the court hearings where the perpetrator gains insight on what was wrong. In some situations, maltreating parents and guardians simply need help with learning how to cope differently with what is sometimes determined to be misguided anger. Research shows that if a parent or guardian has maltreated a child in the past they are likely to continue the maltreatment if there is no form of intervention and parents or guardians who were maltreated against as a child are likely to maltreat against a child. In the grand scheme of things, if there were programs geared to help new parents and repeat offenders of maltreatment to gain insight into maltreatment, there may be a reduction in the number of abuse and neglect cases reported. This research will hopefully explain in depth the benefits of offering these services to individuals. First we will take a look at the history of Child Welfare, the populations served and services offered. The history of Child...

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