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wner/executive of an upcoming, cutting-edge company that produces video game console systems
- use the Global Edge tool as a means to research the Czech Republic,
-try to assess
-based on what you learn, if this country is viable for the expansion of your operations.

-What is your target market?
-What is their age group/income?
-Do you need internet access to play your game? Yes
-Is the internet easily available in the country?

Technology for broadband connection to the Internet is widespread in the Czech Republic. You can use all regular technical connection standards.

Wireless connection via Wi-Fi is commonly used. You can easily connect up with a netbook, notebook or smartphone via Wi-Fi in restaurants, cafes, hotels and in many other locations.

Broadband, ADSL and fixed connection
Companies, households and practically all hotels in the Czech Republic commonly have a fast fixed connection available.

Mobile technology
You can also connect to the Internet in the Czech Republic with the aid of mobile technologies. Most large cities are covered with a signal and the level of coverage is gradually increasing.

Internet access if you do not have a computer or smartphone
Several Internet cafes offer connection to the Internet, a list of which can be found here. Prices for use of the Internet are individual; you may pay by the minute or by the hour.

Information centres usually have a computer with Internet connection available for use, as do municipal offices, public libraries and almost all accommodation facilities.

Services on the Internet
You can easily do the following over the Internet in the Czech Republic:

purchase goods reserve tickets for theatres, cinemas, cultural and sporting events search for travel connections communicate with the authorities
-What is the economic and political climate? (Give facts...

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