The Painful Truth of a Company’s Pursuit of Quality

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1. THE PAINFUL TRUTH OF A COMPANY’S PURSUIT OF QUALITY 2. Johnson and Johnson 3. Johnson & Johnson was organized in the State of New Jersey in 1886. Today they employee approximately 115,000 people worldwide. Johnson & Johnson has more than 250 companies located in 57 countries around the world. From these 250 companies they Manufacture and sell health care products.
The Family of Companies is organized into several business segments comprised of franchises and therapeutic categories. * Consumer Health Care
The Consumer segment includes a broad range of consumer health and personal care products in the beauty, baby, oral care and women’s health categories, as well as nutritional products and over-the-counter medicines and wellness and prevention platforms. * Medical Devices & Diagnostics
The Medical Devices & Diagnostics segment focuses on technologies, solutions and services in the fields of cardiovascular disease, diabetes care, orthopedics, vision care, wound care, aesthetics, sports medicine, infection prevention, minimally invasive surgery, and diagnostics. * Pharmaceuticals
It includes products in the anti-infective, antipsychotic, cardiovascular, contraceptive, dermatology, gastrointestinal, hematology, immunology, neurology, oncology, pain management, and urology and virology fields.

* Many of Johnson and Johnson’s businesses and facilities have been certified to meet International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements for quality management. ISO certification means that a quality management system has been thoroughly reviewed by an outside audit committee and found to satisfy rigorous standards when it comes to such important principles as customer focus, leadership, employee involvement, and continual improvement.

4. With such a large governance…...

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