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The Painted Door Analysis

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It is in people’s nature to seek happiness for themselves first and then worry about those around them. It is only the people of the highest character that are able to put the happiness of other people before their own. People will often claim that they are motivated by making other people happy, but this is simply not true. The short story The Painted Door by Sinclair Ross exemplifies this as a young woman, Ann, is exceedingly selfish and has little regard or thankfulness for her kind selfless husband John. Ann is primarily motivated by her own desires and throughout the story she finds ways to justify her egotistical ways. Unfortunately, these kinds of people are always detrimental to societies and will always cause more harm than they do …show more content…
He is not selfish and only ever “wanted a mortgage-free farm”, “a new house” “and pretty clothes for” his wife who he feels is too good for him. Because John was motivated by unselfish forces, he has never hurt Ann or anyone else unintentionally. Unselfish people do not hurt those around them because they are able to put other people’s happiness before their own. This is a very rare characteristic to process because when people put other people’s needs before themselves they must be willing make sacrifices on their own expense. Not only thing, but selfless people will actually find joy in the happiness that they give to others instead of resenting others for being happier than they are. Ross shows through John that it is extremely difficult to hurt the people in your life when you are unselfish because your actions are driven by the need and want to help others. John was highly driven by his need to provide for Ann and her protesting this only made him want to help her more “there was in his devotion a baffling, insurmountable humility that made him feel the need of sacrifice.” It is for this reason why Johns character made such a god foil to Ann’s and made Ann’s action at the end of the story even more shocking to the …show more content…
At first Ann tried to deny the fact that she had feeling towards Steven. She was “afraid of [Steven’s] face [that was] so different from Johns- of his smile, of her own helplessness to rebuke it.” While an effort to try to deny her feelings for Steven, Ann’s selfish ways were too deeply rooted in her personality for her to deny herself of something she believed would make her

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