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The Peaceful Killer

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On one midsummer eve, I had a touching moment with nature that was similar to that of one Henry David Thoreau. At my lake house in the woods of northern New Jersey, there are constantly animals running about and I feel that in this place, nature is truly expressed in its full form. One evening around six thirty, I was sitting alone and fishing on the shore of the lake next to my house. Suddenly, I hear a crunching of leaves behind me, quiet at first, but slowly the noise seems like its getting closer. Then out of the woods emerges a rather large, bright orange fox, with a white tip of fur at the end of its tail. The fox is about 100 feet from me, completely oblivious to the fact that I am quietly sitting there and watching every move that it makes. As I watch the creature slowly pad across my yard, stop to eat mushrooms, then drink the ice cold water from the stream along the yard, I realize how peaceful and beautiful nature can be when not a single other human is around to disturb the tranquility. Then, nature further unfolds it incredible ability, as a group of wild turkeys emerge from the woods about 150 feet from the fox, who has sat down next to the stream to rest. I watch as the fox notices, then slowly rises to it’s feet to slink towards the pack of turkeys, all the while with me still sitting quietly and watching the action unfold. The fox furtively pads around behind the turkey at the back of the group, and in one fluid motion, leaps as far as it could and grabs the turkey with its claws. The suddenly deafening cries of the turkeys startles me but further draws me towards the action. I was dumbfounded. I had just witnessed the true form of nature. A peaceful killer performed what it must do in order to stay alive. The fox, at first lonesome and unintimidating, carried out its natural needs in order to survive. The beautiful savagery of nature cemented a place in my mind, and drew my ever closer to the power and connection that nature holds with humans. I do not believe that I shall ever witness nature like that ever again, but the memory of this incredible experience will always be replaying in my mind.

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