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The People vs the Police: Building the Trust

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The People vs The Police: Building the Trust
In Franklin Foer’s “How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization,” Foer describes a division between pro-soccer Americans and anti-soccer Americans. In Kwame Anthony Appiah’s “Moral Disagreement,” Appiah examines the ways that different cultural groups perceive themselves as opposed to others. In today’s society, these different cultural groups we all belong to, tend to see themselves in terms of an “us versus them” mentality. Overcoming or at least understanding the differences we share with opposing cultural groups is crucial for the sake of peaceful human interaction and existence. Since the beginning of history, the public's attitude towards police has been mostly negative. Due to failed community policing attempts, the misuse of police authority, and the media negatively influencing both cultural groups painting a lousy picture on both spectrums, this has been a constant battle worldwide. Through effective neighborhood policing and learning to trust the police, America could be a sharpened more secure place to live.
First, because of failed community policing attempts in America, there has been a constant battle for the people and the police to view each other as equals and overcome the differences we share. Community policing is the newest terminology for law enforcement. It is a federally funded initiative built on the premise that everyone should be working together to reduce the fear of crime. The major obstacle with this has always been getting the police and communities to stray from the way that we have always done things to accepting new and innovative ideas. According to the Oakland Police Department, there are three essential elements for a successful community policing program: “a mutual respect and partnership between the police and community, a new approach to identify the problem...

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