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The Performing Arts

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The Performing Arts and Inspiration
Laura Rubio
December 21, 2015
Kristin Hunt

The Performing Arts and Inspiration

There are many ways that someone can express their thoughts and feelings. There are different ways that this can be done like through theater, painting, dance and music. With these types of art history can be recorded, to make statements, or be done for simple enjoyment. I will discuss two styles of dance.

Ballet origins trace back to the Italian Renaissance when it was developed as a court entertainment. It was then developed during the 15th and 16th centuries when it became formalized (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2015). Ballet is an art of body movement, and it is what could be called a “Classical” or formal dance. The tradition for ballet is rested upon a set of prescribed movements and actions. Ballet is “the reduction of human gestures to bare essentials, which is heightened and developed into meaningful patterns” according to Anatole Chujoy in the dance encyclopedia. It then became a fluid succession of images; it has specialized codes of movement. Ballet also expresses the basic human desires and their experiences (Sporre, 2012).
Ballet requires good posture, due to the different form moves that they use in ballet their lines have to be perfect. Their form also has to be perfect or otherwise they could injure themselves. Repetition is important in ballet because they do a lot of movements over and over in the dance. The inspiration for the work in the terms of story, theme, and an image is that the dancers and choreographer want the audience to be able to feel what the dancers are feeling along with the story that they are doing. Depending on the movements that the dancers do for ballet can make someone feel happy or they can make them sad. All of the ballet that I have seen has made me feel happy and curious on how they were able to...

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