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The Personality Candy Shop

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Personality traits are like candies; they come in many varieties and some have a better flavor than others. Also like candies, personalities can appear extremely different from the outer wrapper than on the inside. I am like a sweet candy that turns spicy after enjoying it for a while; at first I may seem like an amiable girl, but after time the flawed aspects of my personality become apparent. My most prominent character traits concealed by my protective wrapper are my drive for success, my personable nature, and my fiery hotheadedness. A character trait that has helped shaped me into the person I am today is my driven nature. My relentlessness is like a Sport Bean, a jelly bean that energizes the body for activity. This trait motivates and gives me the energy that I need to be successful; therefore, aiding me in conquering my goals. I have shown the world my drive in many instances, such as the eight years of blood, sweat, and tears to reach my goal of earning a scholarship to play collegiate soccer. In high school, my tenacious nature revealed itself again when I graduated in the top twenty-five percent of my class while also earning fifteen hours of college credit. Moreover, this past summer I worked as a real estate broker’s assistant in hopes to eventually land a job as an agent with his agency. My intrinsic drive for success has been a beneficial factor towards achieving every goal I have reached thus far in my life. In addition to being extremely driven, I also consider myself to be very personable. I am like a Snickers candy bar, having a flavor that is appealing to most. I like to believe that I am easy to talk and relate to. For example, this summer while working at a real estate agency, I was able to speak to clients with ease. Furthermore, I am currently the Public Relations Officer for the Northeastern State University Entrepreneurship Club and I am in charge of inviting people to club meetings and recruiting new members. This new leadership role I have acquired lets my personable nature shine. Also, friends often reach out to me for advice or just an ear to vent to. Although I typically taste like a Sport Bean or Snickers candy bar, there are certainly times where my flavor changes to something less sweet. One of the flawed aspects to my personality is my flaming hotheadedness. My hotheadedness is like a hot tamale with a fiery and explosive flavor. I struggle to keep a level head in infuriating situations, which has caused an abundance of conflicts in my life. For example, I have been ejected from a soccer game because I was unable to keep my cool and retaliated against an opposing player verbally and physically. Furthermore, my volcanic temper has caused many arguments over the years with my boyfriend because I am quick to snap at him, many times doing so unjustly. This trait has also caused copious amounts of quarreling with my parents, for which I have suffered the consequences of on many occasions. My hotheadedness has also shown itself now that I live with roommates; I struggle to stay calm and express my frustrations with them in a reasonable manner. Although I believe my hotheaded nature is in my blood, I know that it is imperative to my personal growth that I work on controlling this aspect of my personality. The traits screened behind my outer wrapper consist of my driven mindset, my personableness, and my blazing hotheadedness. My tenacity has played a key role in every goal I have conquered throughout my life. Meanwhile, my personableness has allowed me to have success in leadership roles, relationships, and at work. However, my hothead and lack of control over my emotions has caused unnecessary conflicts on the soccer field and in my relationships. If I could pick out my own traits or "candy" from the Personality Candy Shop, although they may not be the best tasting combination, I would reach for Sport Beans, Snickers, and Hot Tamales in a heartbeat.

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