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The Phoenix, The Legend Of The Phoenix

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10.) The Phoenix, a well known mythical bird, belonged to Egypt. One legend stated that it lived for 500 years, but it faced death by burning itself on a huge fire. However, it was not the end, as The Phoenix came to life again by rising from its ashes. Legend says that the ashes have great significance as it could bring the dead back to life again.
Some legends say that the birds cry is a very alluring sound. The reference of Phoenixes has been made several times in most of the historical tales of different cultures. The concept behind the legend of The Phoenix gives us all a lesson about life after death.
The Phoenix was a very beautiful creature and its glowing and radiant appearance distinguished it from all other birds. Some people believed
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Pegasus’s significance lied in the fact that anyone who rode it would be riding to the heavens with it, as it symbolized the marvelous voyage to heaven.
Pegasus was a very humble, calm and an innocent creature and it is said that it was always ready to assist others. Legends say that due to the loyalty of Pegasus, the Greek God Zeus transformed Pegasus into a constellation when it made its way into the sky.
5.) The Greek legend states that Chimera had a physical appearance of a lion, goat and a serpent and it was a complex creature. She was believed to be a ferocious blaze eating monster and was a terrifying looking beast. Legends say that not only Chimera was a frightening monster, but it was also a threatening opponent in battles.
Chimera was able to use the powers of all three (the lion, goat and the serpent) and as a result it made it extremely powerful. Greek mythology narrates that Chimera was actually a female and was then known as “Chimaera”, a term which the Greeks used for a she goat. It is believed that Chimera met its destiny at the hands of Bellerophon, a young warrior, who slayed this monster with the help of Pegasus, the popular winged
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Sphinx had bizarre features and was a very composite creature, with the body of a lion attached to woman’s head, a serpent’s tail and she had wings as well. It is believed that when Sphinx arrived at the city of ancient Thebes, it spread devastation and bad luck to all the inhabitants.
One of the well known facts about Sphinx, so legend had it, was that it would ask a riddle from the people going out of Thebes and if the people couldn’t answer that riddle correctly, they were cursed to die by this monster. The Romans call the Sphinx with a different name which is known as “Sfinge”.
3.) According to the Greek legend, Centaurs were thought to be a race of creatures that were half man and half horse. They were believed to be the descendants of Centaurus, who was the son of Apollo, the music god. They were savages who had occupied mountains and caves, sought after animals for food and used rocks as their armaments for their own protection.
They were characterized for their behavior as being wild, lawless and because of their riotous personality. Centaurs were actually the product of a myth where untamed residents of the mountains and forest spirits were united together. With the exclusion of the intelligent centaur Chiron, most of the other centaurs were popular for their wild attitude and drinking

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