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The Play Heratbreaker

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Ana analysis of the play Heartbreaker




The play Heartbreaker is a fictitious story done by Michael Golamco. It features two main characters, Vithy, who is a sixteen year old teenager and her elder sister Ra who is aged twenty two years. The play takes place in a solemn setting down in a small apartment bedroom. The room does not contain a lot of things; it is empty except for some few basic properties that make a bedroom. They events of the play take place at Long Beach in the California region. Michael Golamco has used the story in bringing out loneliness as a theme in the play and its consecutive results in the people affected by it.
The play has some points as its plot develops where the instances of loneliness are stressed. It has been revealed either in a manner where the affected expresses it directly or in a way that the audience or the reader has to imply it indirectly. This theme is so diverse in the play and one is able to identify it even as it exists in isolations in the play. Throughout the play, Golamco has portrayed Vuthy as the character to portray this theme. Vuthy has featured in a number of scenarios where he has expressed his concern for the loneliness he is experiencing. Perhaps as a result of his own action or probably, as a situation he had no option as it was natural. One of the instances where this has been pictured is when Ra tries her best not to have her brother, Vuthy, to go with her. She tries to give her reasons to convince her of how he should be grateful of the fact that their auntie is coming to pick him with his computer to her place. Also, she tells him that “it would be bad to move you right now, put you in a brand-new school” ” (Burroway, 2011). Her idea in this comment was to convince Vuthy to “… stay with Aunt Tizza and then they’ll see.” (Burroway, 2011). There she will have...

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