The Pleasure to Burn

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Tenille Splunge
Professor Flynn
English 102
11 February 2013

The Pleasure to Burn
Imagine coming home from an enjoying night out on the town, slipping into your most comfortable/ elegant sleepwear, clicking on some good TV and enjoying the pleasure to burn. This ad for Camel cigarettes featuring a beautifully alluring woman seemingly enjoying her cigarette is appealing, but Why? And how do marketers know this will work? Camel cigarette advertisers are marketing through communication, using ethos to persuade their particular audience about products ideas and services that they are told that they need, without reguard to what the customer actually gets.
Advertisers are keeping customers coming back by marketing through communications, keeping the ever burning flames of human desire ignited. Once an advertiser has a target market/audience the task is then to create appeal. The most popular communications used are, billboards, commercials, and magazine and newspaper ads. The advertisers use ethos to portray an image of themselves to their unassuming customers. By keeping in touch with their current customers, advertisers can create ads that stay in its customers minds which can lead to repeat loyalty to that particular brand. This is called brand association. In this ad marketers are trying to imply that smoking Camel cigarettes will promote a relationship with this alluring half naked woman. These sorts of ads are misleading. Advertisers of these types of ads appeal to their audience by playing on their desire to look beautiful, act older and be sexier.
It doesn’t matter that smoking kills, image matters! The truth is, people use products to complete themselves and the companies that make these products know this. A company will use ethos to persuade the public that their product is what they need to make it. The bling bling of high priced commodities along…...