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The Plot of Jane Eyre

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The novel begins with a ten-year-old orphan named Jane Eyre who is living with her uncle's family, the Reeds, as her uncle's dying wish. Jane's parents died of typhus. Jane’s aunt Sarah Reed does not like her and treats her like a servant. She and her three children are abusive to Jane, physically and emotionally. One day Jane gets locked in the room in which her uncle died, and panics after seeing visions of him. She is finally rescued when she is allowed to attend Lowood School for Girls. At the charity institution, Jane is comforted by her friend, Helen Burns. However, when a typhus epidemic strikes, Helen dies of consumption in her arms. After eight years of school Jane decides to advertise her services as a governess, and receives one reply. She takes the position offered by Thornfield Hall, teaching a young French girl. One night while Jane is walking to a nearby town, she meets Edward Rochester, master of the house. Both of them enjoy each other's company and spend many hours together, and Jane longs for him. On a midsummer evening, Mr. Rochester proclaims his love for Jane and proposes. During the wedding ceremony, Mr. Mason and a lawyer declare that Mr. Rochester cannot marry because he is married to Mr. Mason’s sister Bertha. Mr. Rochester explains that his father tricked him into the marriage for her money. Bertha rapidly becomes madness and locked in Thornfield. Mr. Rochester asks Jane to go with him to the south of France, despite her love for him, Jane leaves at midnight. In her way through England, she discovers her relative, St. John. And she was told her uncle John has died and left her his entire fortune of £20,000. Jane shares the money with her cousins, and rejects the St. John’s proposal. Jane returns to Thornfield to find only blackened ruins. She learns that Mr. Rochester's wife set the house on fire and committed suicide by jumping from...

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...crucial to the novel ‘Jane Eyre’. Discuss Crucial is a very strong word to describe a concept in a novel. In the novel ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Brontë, the concept of ‘sight and vision’ plays a very large part, although it is unknown whether this is a deliberate, or just an accidental feature. If Charlotte Brontë did, indeed, include frequent references to the concept of ‘sight of vision’ deliberately, then it may be argued that it is crucial, though perhaps not to the story of the novel but as a contributor of the literary techniques that help to make ‘Jane Eyre’ the classic that it is today. Throughout the book, many literal references to ‘sight and vision’ occur. This happens in the very first chapter, when the child Jane looks in the mirror and believes herself to be a ghost: “The strange little figure there gazing at me with a white face and arms speckling the gloom, had the effect of a real spirit: I thought it like one of the tiny phantoms, half fairy half imp.” Jane is treated badly, by her Aunt Reed and cousins, and is treating herself harshly as a result of it. This quotation shows her lost inside herself, with no one to turn to, believing herself to be ugly. Jane judges many people’s character by their looks, for instance; Miss Temple ,at Lowood, who is beautiful and so Jane believes to be kind. Her judgemental assumption proves to be correct as Miss Temple treats jane and her terminally ill friend Helen with kindness and Generosity. As Jane grows......

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...of women: equality and respect --Jane Eyre Jane Eyre is known as one of the greatest and most permanently popular novel in the world of English literature in the nineteenth century. Written by Charlotte Bronte, a great woman writer in England, it is the first English book I have ever read. I can’t forget how excited I was when I read the novel three years ago for the first time.” It is such an amazing and excellent work that it attracts me deeply,” I thought to myself. Up till now, I have read the novel several times and each time I read it, there were some new feelings and thoughts occurring to me, which made me gain a lot. Charlotte Bronte, the author of Jane Eyre, was born in 1816 in northern England. She lived in a family of poets and her father Patrick Bronte was a curate of Haworth. Charlotte has one brother and four sisters. The young Brontes learned their lessons under the guidance of their father and read books borrowed from local library. With their vivid imagination and hard work, some of them have made great achievements in literature. Charlotte Bronte finished her great work Jane Eyre while her sister Emily Bronte is famous for the novel Wuthering Heights. Jane Eyre is an influential work. It is widely believed that the book is a reflection of its author Charlotte’s real life. It tells a story about an orphaned poor British girl, who suffers a lot of pain but still pursues love and respect bravely. The girl’s name is Jane Eyre. Her early life at Gateshead was......

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...first published novel, Jane Eyre, although fictional, contains many autobiographical elements. There are many parallels between Charlotte and Jane and after researching it is evident that Charlotte Bronte drew on aspects of her own life to create Jane, in addition to the characters and the plot of the novel. These include connections between their childhood, adolescence, and love life and give a greater insight in to Charlotte’s thoughts and opinions. Charlotte Bronte, born on April 21st 1816, is the third of six children born to Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell Bronte. Much like Bronte’s father, Charlotte’s father was also a “poor clergyman” (Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte). At the mere age of five, Charlotte lost her mother to cancer and the six Bronte children were to be in the care of their aunt, Elizabeth Branwell. This theme of death parallels Jane’s early childhood, and having lost both of her parents, Jane is also put into the care of her aunt, the abusive Mrs Reed. Aunt Branwell, according to Bronte’s biography, “knew where her duty lay, but she appears to have derived neither pleasure nor contentment from the doing of it” (David Cody, Hartwick College, Charlotte Bronte: A brief biography). It is thought that Bronte drew heavily and exaggerated aspects of her Aunt Branwell to create Mrs Reed and there is a sense of hatred towards both women, with Jane having remarked that “[she] hates to live [with her aunt]” (Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre) Jane Eyre’s education and......

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...“The main source of Jane Eyre’s interest is the story of immense human endurance” How far do you agree with this statement (Explore the methods which Charlotte Bronte uses to present the idea of human endurance) Jane as narrator certainly shares with the reader a story of immense human endurance. We see this throughout the whole novel. Early example of such are in the Gateshead section of the novel where Jane endures a lack /absence of love. She is forced to endure physical and verbal cruelty though the actions of the cousin John Reed. Who taunts her about her social class and lack of money, ‘You have no business to take our books; you are a dependent, mamma says; you have no money; your father left you none; you out to beg, and not to live here with gentlemen’s children like us..’ Jane endures physical cruelty when John flung the book at Jane, striking her on the head. Through the red room we are able to see the symbolism of Jane’s entrapment, isolation and desire to break free. There is also an element of foreshadowing and imagery emphasises on how isolated Jane is from the rest of her peers “dark and haunted chamber” Even at Lowood this is a recurring theme of the unjust and sufferable nature of her childhood. The endurance from the Red Room is a symbol of her isolation from compassion during her childhood. Through the repeated use of this symbol we see how Jane is imprisoned by her own treatment. Following Jane’s escape from the Red Room we see that she...

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...INTRODUCTION Jane Eyre is Charlotte Bronte’s best novel. Charlotte Bronte is one of the greatest writer of nineteenth century. Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855) was a daughter of clergyman, brought up in Yorkshire. Her early ages were sad. She lost her two sisters. She with her two remaining sisters and one brother found happiness in writing stories of their own. Charlotte and Emily became famous writers. PLOT Jane Eyre lived with her aunt and cousins at gateshead(the name of the house). The entire member of Gateshead were cruel and unkind. They didn’t want Jane at their house. Later she was send to school named ‘Lowood school’. She found good friend and teacher there. Life was hard and uncomfortable, foods were not good and environment was unhygienic. She became used to with that. She stayed there for eight years and two years as a teacher. She got a job of a governess at Thornfield. Jane was happy with the environment and the palace of Thornfield as well. The owner of the house Mr. Rochester lived far away from the house. Day by day Jane was happy and loved with Thornfield and its master also. Mr. Rochester offered Jane to marry him. She also promised him to marry but on the day of wedding she came to know the master had already a wife. That wife was mad and was living in Thornfield. After that she left and nobody knew where she had gone. She rushed here and there in search of work, shelter and money. Nobody took pity...

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...Essay Luong A7-02 English Literature Division - HUFS Nguyen Hien Luong A7-02 Teacher: Nguyen Tuan Ky     On the inspiring development of Jane Eyre’s character in the Charlotte Bronte’s novel of the same name   Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre is a master work of 19th century English literature   and a powerful symbol of the triumph of self will over circumstances. Jane Eyre overcame very trying — or should we say impossible — circumstances to obtain her personal freedom and self-determination at the end of the story. Her success is a powerful inspiration to millions of readers around the world. However, in my opinion, the most inspiring about the novel is not Jane’s success itself, but her character development, which served as the catalyst for this success. This essay aims to illustrate the uniqueness of Jane’s character development, and attempts to explain why this unique development took place.   What makes Jane’s character development special and unique is the fact that this type of development is not at all typical for people who were physically or mentally abused (as Jane certainly was during much of her ten-year stay at her uncle’s house). As a matter of fact, these people often grow up carrying with them emotional wounds that can never be healed.  As a result, they are more likely to develop difficult personalities and turn into rebellious and violent individuals who see life and other human beings with much hatred. A research (Cathy Spatz Widom, "The Cycle...

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