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The Poisner of Montremos

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The Poisoner of Montremos

Even before money was invented, humans have always been hungry for riches. Although the main theme in the story of the Poisoner of Montremos is based on greed, what makes this tale especially gothic is the presence of murder, incest and suicide.

When the story begins, we are introduced with a case of murder by poisoning. This form of assassination was very common in the middle ages. However, later on we realize the true identity of the killer. What pushes the murderer to kill is greed; one of man’s biggest weakness. The mystery behind the true identity of the assassin is yet another example of dark literature. On the side, it is also worth noticing the gruesome details of the torture scene: “…the joints snapped audibly into their sockets with the elasticity of a bow.” The pain is so amazingly described that even the reader can feel it.

Also in the beginning, we are told about Don Juan’s incest crime on his half sister. Nevertheless, the Portuguese insists that he is in no way allied to Josepha and that he is innocent. Even though the subject was never talked about in the older days because it was and is still considered a taboo in most societies, in this tale the act of incest is another major theme.

Finally all the complications and deaths cause the father of the poisoned girl to commit suicide. This is yet another topic that was never spoken of during that era, since the church condemns it. These casualties and murders also lead to the breaking up of the family which is another reason why this tale is considered gothic.

To conclude, the story of The Poisoner of Montremos revolves around the subject of greed. Other themes are also present in the tale such as murder and its mystery, the horrifying act of incest and suicide. Everything is wrapped up in details so frightening that even the bravest reader will get chills.

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