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The Politics of Performance Appraisal

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The case reviewed this week is a conversation between four managers about the efficacy, fairness and potential abuse of the ratings system as it pertains to their subordinates. The conversation questioned how to distinguish one rating number against another number, using the rating system to either motivate and try to push out an employee. The conversation also questioned if it was fair to judge someone that you may have a strong emotion about (being recently angry at someone). The conclusion of the conversation was that the ratings system may have objective underpinnings, but people put a lot of subjective thinking into evaluations.

QUESTIONS Each of the managers expressed evaluating their subordinates in a way to either help improve their performance or to motivate them. What they failed to mention is their coaching conversation with their employees. Neither of them mentioned seeking feedback or having any discussions with their employees, which would help both manager and subordinate set better goals and identify any problem areas. Several of the managers also suggested using the evaluation as a punishment to try and attain behavior modification from the subordinate. This does not always work in that case. Positive reinforcement, from the Reinforcement Theory, was also mentioned to help keep good workers motivated. Fine-tuning evaluations may sometimes defeat the purpose of having an evaluation. Fine-tuning serves to bypass the system to give the subordinate a higher or lower score than they deserve. According to our text, the purpose of evaluation is the “provide information about work performance” (Ivancevich, Konopaske, Matteson, 2011). Fin-tuning can become a problem if the manager is attempting to rig the system to help the employee obtain unjustified bonus to try and motivate them. The fine-tuning can also be disruptive if it…...

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