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The Portfolio of Evidence

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Business Ethics is standards of guiding behavior of both an individual and the business. They are principles of acting ethically. When a company or an individual is acting morally, it means that they can make the right choice. Only by making a distinction between what is wrong and what is right (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2003). Business ethics is, therefore, meant to guide controversial issues in a company environment. These issues include corporate social responsibility, discrimination, unlawful practices, corporate governance, bribery or corruption, insider trading and other irresponsible business behaviors. Ethics is at times guided by local frameworks chosen by different companies. These structures act as a way of enhancing their image and public trust, but it is a requirement that values is guided by a duly constituted legal framework (Paliwal, 2006). This paper, therefore, discusses business ethics in an organizational context and also delves into ethical dilemmas, moral leadership, interpersonal skills and teamwork in an enterprise environment.

Appendix A- The Ethical Leadership Debate

Ethical leadership incorporates two key aspects. The first point refers to the way the leader treats and works with the subordinates in his behavior in public, and also in his actions and statements. The second point lies in the decision-making process.In the leader’s mindset, in character, in values and the leader’s ability to make right decisions when faced with ethical dilemmas (Toole, 2010). The case study is very interesting as it presents a case for proponents of business ethics and ethical leadership as well as the...

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