The Positive Impact of Social Network in Today's Society

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Over the past few years, there has been an enormous boom in communication methods. One of most beneficial has been social networking which has exploded in popularity among teenagers, professionals and people living away from home. However, some people have misused social networking. Infant predators, identity thefts and others similar individuals have raised a big concern among society about social networking.

Introductory Paragraphs:

Since the beginning social networking sites have attracted several types of users, and in most cases, these people have incorporated these websites into their daily practices. While some sites support existing relationships, others help creating new relationships in different interests such as political views, religious, activities or even just gaming!
While supporting that the impact of social networking in today’s society is beneficial, I have found several factors that go against it, such as cyber bulling. Indeed, social networking provides society a lot of good tools, nonetheless society have taken social networking for granted.

Early Overview:

The intention of this report is to provide a conceptual and informative context about the benefit and harmfulness of social networking in today’s society. We begin by exposing some of the benefits of social networking, for instance communication with relatives and family, business networking, advertising. Following this, we’ll go over the facts that cause harm to society through social networking such as sexual predators, identity theft, & health related issues. To conclude, based on different articles and general research, we’ll identify if social networking is beneficial or harmful to today’s society.

Literature Review:

After exploring different sources such as internet articles and magazines, I have found that social networking plays a very…...

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