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The Positive Impacts of Travelling

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“Travel brings both positive and negative impacts.” In about 300 words essay outline, discuss the phrase by connecting it to the development of the tourism industry.

St. Augustine once wrote: The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. I totally agree with the sentence above as traveling brings positive effects indeed. First of all, we experience new things when we travel. We get to interact with new places, regions and cultures. For instance, by traveling to Malaysia where people of different races live side by side, one may discover the relative racial harmony. When traveling in a different part of the world, we expand our knowledge and widen our perspective. While visiting places, our vision becomes enlarged just as by sitting at a small place makes one’s vision narrow. Secondly, travelling provides us the opportunity to disconnect from our routine. We relax and enjoy during the travel without have to worry our problems or issues for some period. We are all burdened with crazy schedules of work or schooling. Travelling away alone or with friends may help us to relax ourselves. The distance of travelling may also help one figures things out that they would not have understood. In the view of the environment, travelling helps promote conservation of wildlife and natural resources such as rainforests, as these are regarded as tourism assets. The entrance charges or guide fees we paid helps generate funding for maintaining animal preserves and marine parks. Tourism can be such a great way to preserve the environment. The tourism industry plays an important role in many countries in term of social economy. It provides a wide range of jobs and business opportunities for the local people. When tourists spends in the country, it gains benefit in terms of currency exchange rate. Due to the large income of tourism industry, the local government are promoting their country as travelling destination. At my point of view, the advantages of traveling greatly outweigh the disadvantages. It does not only bring fresh and exciting discoveries to tourist, but also economic and social benefits to a country. Everyone should take time to travel instead of living in their own limited circle. (344 words)

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