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The Power of Mass Media

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August 12, 2012
Com 100 Introduction to Mass Media

The power of the media

The media has a strong influence on all of us weather we realize it or not. All of us are affected by the media somehow some more than others we all have been effected by the media somehow and likely been influenced by it at least once in our lives at some point. The truth of the matter is the influence is very powerful and it’s just about everywhere. There is a saying that I read on line that said For all intents and purposes, “media” is the same as “influence.” Whatever influences us is media by Logan Esdale. To me this theory come from something called a Dependency Theory.
One thing for sure is that we are in a world that is very relent on information from sources in order to keep afloat as to what is going on in the world on a daily basis. Things such as family, recreation, work, health, along with other personal things. It is very common for a person to wake up and turn on the TV or go online to see what the latest in their area of concern is. Based on the info that his a person gathers along with their prior thought and or experiences up to that point a decision will be make on that particular topic based on the information that was given. What we need to be aware is that most of our decisions, beliefs and values are based on what we know for a fact, our assumptions and our own experience. In our work we usually know what we have to do based on our experience and studies; however in our daily lives the media is relied upon to obtain information in order to “function normally” each and every day.
The truth of the matter is whether we like it or not many people have and will continue to put lots of trust in the media as an authority for information for as long as they live.

( by Logan Esdale

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