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The Power of Models and Modeling

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In this paper we try to make a small comparison between model in the past and the present, and how models become more restraints than before. Also we will talk about the advantage of using models and how they can make our life much easy.

Models have evolved since the beginning of the century. There are many kinds of models for almost any system or item that exist. Each model uses short, long, simple or complex mathematics formula it depends of which case the models solve. However the models that are used in these recent years are very complex and have many numerous computations which make the only one that can handle it is the computer. These kinds of models are usually use in a wide variety of tasks, such as prevision of the decision made, and an effective answer to everyday problems.
During time, models start to be more restraints than before. These kinds of restraints should have value or weight to make a model compatible with the case that model solve. There are several constraints or restraints in each models, one of the most important one is budget of the project. In other words the more wherewithal, the more model accuracy.
Mark P. McDonald ( December 8, 2010).
To use complex mathematical formula in the models it requires an educated staffs with a good knowledge of model branch, which make the model more expensive and take more time to solve it, comparing with computer time and cost. However the need of special educated persons is strictly required to conclude if the models created by computer match all requirements needed.
Hans Peter Fischer. (2011)

There are many ways to classified Models; first of all, Models are determined by their uses. For example model of Watershed is determined by advance technique solution, and description of the process. This process can be break down into mixed models, and stochastic. The second one, determined by time. The time hierarchy is split into big time-scale classes, and continuous-time. Finally Models can classify by space. The space scales is divided into large, medium, and small Watershed.

Models can have an extraordinarily benefit to everyone especially to the scientists. Models require a time to create it and an immense time to understand the fundamentals of each system or program. When model have been created it is extremely easy to make a change and make it works to solve vast variety of problems. Working with models can improve several things such as: improve the abilities of systems thinking, help people to get the quantitative skills like statistic, mathematics, and graphical analysis. With modeling we can make the estimation risk or the estimation benefits with less effort, time, and money. Moreover, we can generate insights which make us understand the problem, as results make better decision.
Business Analysis & Systems Analysis. “Business Analyst Articles”
Stephen G. Powell, Kenneth R. Baker.(2010). P 1-7 1-7
One of the best example of modeling is the Earth System Models like “ Earth-System Models of Intermediate Complexity” allow us to do analysis and test about Earth system without damage our Earth, such as the future effects of carbon dioxide, which already start working in it to decreases the carbon dioxide, while the result of this phenomena will not be known after 50 to 100 years from now, but with modeling we can see the future picture and try to avoid the future problems. The second example is the sector of agriculture, this sector is one of the most branches that collect data for at least one year and use it to solve unlike conditions, many conditions take more than twenty-four years of collecting data to make a decision, witch make it almost impossible for the farmer to makes a decision about the future of his/her land, but with model he/she can makes a better decision with less effort, and time.
Peixoto, J.P., and Oort, A.H. (1992).

All this studies give as a clear picture of the ways which models have been applies and the availability of many tools to make an expansion for new models to solve very delicate problems. This studies show the big use of model and how we can apply it, almost in everything in our daily life to get a better decision.


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