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The Power of Virtual Integration

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The Power of Virtual Integration The assigned readings of session 3 are “The Power of Virtual Integration”, “The Triple-A Supply Chain”,” The Transparent Supply Chain” and the chapter 2 of the book “The new age of innovation”. These articles mainly focus on the IT-enabled innovations in business process and supply chain management. The chapter 2 tells us that business models, which depend on the underlying business processes, are a source of competitive advantage for the success of companies. Understanding the business process, and then building a unique business model that best fit the company can help the company gain a sustainable advantage over its rivals. In the article “The power of virtual integration”, the business model of Dell gives us a specific example to see how the technology and business process of Dell make this company achieve the success. From this article, an interview with Michael Dell, we realize the innovative of Dell: how it uses the technology to combine supplier partnerships, customer focus, mass customization and just-in-time manufacturing and then achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. The article “The Triple-A Supply Chain” tells us specifically the three qualities that supply chain should possess: agile, adaptable, and aligned. Supply chain should be able to respond to unexpected changes in demand and supply and adapt to changes in the structures of markets. Only by doing so, companies can perform better than their rivals. For the supply chain, the article “The transparent supply chain” gives us another perspective toward supply chain. It introduces the technologies company can use to gather detailed information about the provenance of their products and better satisfies the need of customers, who now more and more care about ethics and authenticity. In my opinion, firstly, I agree with the authors’ arguments...

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