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The Professional Review Interview

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The Professional Review Interview
The interview will be conducted in English. Your application documents will have been reviewed by the Interview Panel in advance of the interview date and will be referenced throughout the interview. The Professional Review Interviewers will assess your performance at the interview in relation to how: 1. Your academic qualifications, knowledge and theoretical understanding have been applied to your work 2. Your vocational experience has reached an appropriate level overall for you to demonstrate Mandatory Competences 3. Your responsibility has progressed towards Professional status Interview Structure The interview will consist of general and technical parts and last between 40 and 60 minutes in total. Although there is no set order for this, the following is a general guide for the format the interview may take: Introduction and Career Review: Greeting, introduction, aims and structure of the interview Personal history relating to career progression – based on the Career Overview Report

The Technical Part: 10 minute presentation You make a short 10 minute introductory presentation which can be paper based but predominately verbal (no electronic medium) to introduce a project/s or piece/s of work referenced in your Mandatory Competence Attainment Report

General discussion, questioning and conclusions: You will be expected to answer questions from the Interview Panel to ensure you have achieved all of the Mandatory Competences (IEng) Current environmental issues Summing up questions Final opportunity to tell the Professional Review Interviewers about anything else in support of your application

The interviewers are there to find out what you know and what you have achieved, they are not there to catch you out.

Presentation Guidance You introductory presentation should be about 10 minutes and should demonstrate the responsibility that you had for the project/s or piece/s of work you are introducing. Remember that you are putting forward what you did, so ensure you talk in the first person, use I when identifying what you did. Try to make the presentation interesting and tell the story of how your individual involvement in the project or piece of work developed, what you learnt and what you achieved. Remember that you are trying to demonstrate the competences for the grade of TWI membership and external qualifications (CEng/IEng) for which you are applying. When preparing your presentation you may find it helpful to structure your response on the lines of the STAR model: Situation - setting the scene. What was the problem/situation/project brief? What were the main issues involved with the situation/problem/project? What did you need to achieve/what were the goals? Task What did you need to do? What was your role? Action What were the steps you took to complete the task? What challenges did you overcome? Results What was the outcome? Did you deliver your responsibility? What lessons did you learn? If you did




On the day It may seem obvious, but allow plenty of time in case of unforeseeable travel delays. The Professional Review Interviewers meet up to four applicants a day and follow a tight timetable, so it can be a problem if an applicant is late. It also adds avoidable stress for you, which may make it harder to perform well during the interview

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