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The Pros And Cons Of Cyberbullies

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Have you ever seriously considered commiting suicide over comments made about you online? If you have, did you ask an adult or elder for help? Between 2011-2013, the MTV-AP survey recorded 66 percent of cyberbully victims who turned to their parents for help said it made the situation better.
The first reason why cyberbullies should not be prosecuted is simply the fact that most cases can be handled without law enforcement getting involved. The vast majority of cyberbullying incidents can, and should be handled informally: with parents, schools, and others working together to address the problem. If online bullies were prosecuted, we would make criminals out of kids doing early-stage bullying. Law enforcement agencies should be the last ones
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Words can be used as weapons, but they are free to be spoken if they are not continued harassment and threatening violence. The fact that kids as well as adults can be cruel and insensitive is unfortunately never going to change and it would unduly infringe upon many freedom of speech rights. While it is both wrong, unethical and cruel, it should not be illegal. Just because foul words were thrown on social sites doesn't mean antagonists should be forced behind bars. Most of the "criminals" are kids, and they're expressing their feelings in ways they think are appropriate. Think about this, as a child, have any of your siblings ever made fun of you? Many say yes, and those who do admit that this early bullying occurance only created thicker skin. Later in life when people made remarks about them it didn’t matter, and they could easily brush these rude comments off. Bullying teaches you how to deal with the world. Notice how after we started clamping down on the issue, our countries obesity rate increased. If you can not deal with rude comments get off the internet, so you dont see it. In my opinon, normal bullying should be prosecuted beacause it is very hard to get out of, and may cause a great deal of physical harm. On the other hand, if someone calls you stupid on the internet just turn your device off and try your best to ignore it. A possible solution to not being hurt by online remarks would be to have groups at school to improve your self esteem, and willigness to ignore

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