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The Pros And Cons Of Cyberbullying

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Should schools be suspending their students who commit cyberbullying activities? Cyberbullying has been an ongoing issue in our society for a very long time. Due to today's technology, cyberbullying has become an even bigger issue because of all of the social media platforms and instant messaging sites, but is social media the only thing to blame or could schools be taking bigger steps to prevent bullying? Also how will cyberbullying affect students for the rest of their lives? Does is leave a long lasting result? Teachers, principals, and parents are responsible for monitoring students devices as well as preventing and stopping cyberbullying even if it means suspending a student as a punishment for what damage they have cause another student.
First, how do you think cyberbullying affects people in the long run? A group of
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Although social media isn’t all cyberbullying, more people report that they have seen cyberbullying or been cyberbullied than people who are satisfied with their social media experience. 95% of teenagers that use social media on a daily basis report they have witnessed cruel behavior and watched others ignore it and do nothing about it. 13% of these students say they are concerned about having to go into school the next day(Megan Meier Foundation 2014).
So should schools be suspending their students for cyberbullying? Yes, not only will it prove a point that the schools will not tolerate bullying behavior, but it will create a better situation and environment for the victim. The student would no longer need to feel the lifelong effects of the bullying that has taken place at school or on social media and they would know that their school won't tolerate the things that happened to them and it wouldn't happen

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