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The Pros And Cons Of Database Management Systems

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We are in an age often referred to as the information age. In this information age, the belief is that information leads to power and success, and impressively complex technologies such as computers, satellites, etc. are available to help in collecting large amounts of information and data. Initially, with the emergence of computers and the means for mass digital storage, we started collecting and saving all sorts of data, counting on the power of computers to help sort through this mix of information. Unfortunately, these huge collections of data stored on structures that are not similar, very quickly became too much. The production of data is expanding at an incredible rate. Expert now point to a 4300% increase in annual data generation by 2020. In 2007 the estimated information content of all human knowledge was 295 exabyte, CSC predicted that in 2020 data production will be 44 times more greater than it was in 2009. …show more content…
The efficient database management systems have been very crucial assets for management of a huge amount of data, especially for effective and efficient retrieval of particular information from a large collection whenever needed. The wide spread of database management systems has also influenced the recent massive gathering of all sorts of information. Today, we have far more information than we can handle, from business transactions and scientific data, to satellite pictures, text reports and military intelligence. Information retrieval is not enough anymore for decision-making. Faced with huge collections of data, we have now created new needs to help us make better managerial choices. As we make a shift from collecting to connecting data, businesses are searching for relationships between data sets to reveal valuable new insight. How do we then sort this huge chunk of data, how do we find related patterns/relationship between these

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