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The Pros And Cons Of Globalization

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Globalization has become the most common debated issue concerning the world today. It means many different things to many different people. Simply globalization is the integration of nations into one single community. It has embraced the idea of ‘open economy or borderless territories’ where what happens in one country will definitely have an adverse impact on the strings of countries that has relationship with this particular country.

There is no absolute or concrete definition of the term itself. It depends on the authority that uses this term based on his view that he tries to communicate it with his specific audience. Binh, 2001, provided this definition, “globalization refers to the process of reducing barriers between countries and encouraging
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The contact between the natives and the explorers who are in search of land expansion and investment opportunities imply some form of globalization in a minute scale. Whatever their main intentions were, these expatriates came with their attire alien to most of the natives, food canned and packed nicely in plastics which was not normal because natives have theirs straight from the dirt of the soil and seasoning (salt) that added taste to their mouths. They came with their beliefs that there is only one God whom the natives cannot see as the carved crocodile they revered that was placed in a scared place in their homes. They even established a simple security system such as KIAP to protect themselves from being attacked by the natives. After having some form of established relationship with the natives they started to make plantations (cocoa, tobacco, rubber, copra, sugar) and mining of phosphate, gold and nickel as according to Firth, 2000. Shipment of labours from Philippians, India, East Asia and African countries was demanded since the productive level of natives was insufficient or they lack the skills and knowledge and needed to be taught. After all these events set the base of what we are

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