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The Pros And Cons Of Raising Minimum Wage

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In today’s society, many political leaders debate about whether raising minimum wage would help or harm both our economy and our United States working class earning minimum wage. I feel that our country should not raise its minimum wage, for while it may help those that keep their minimum wage jobs, it would make the laid off and fired workers suffer. Many businesses would not be able to afford paying their current number of employees, meaning that there would be less job opportunities, and unemployment would increase. Also, with fewer job openings earning minimum wage, overqualified individuals would take a majority of the job positions, leaving fewer opportunities for less experienced workers to learn necessary life skills. Raising minimum wage is not a smart move for the federal government to make, because businesses have strict budgets that they must follow. We must remember that just because the minimum wage can be freely altered by the government, does not necessarily mean that businesses will magically have more money in their budgets to distribute to their employees. Instead, …show more content…
Because of the high demand for jobs, “overqualified individuals will be vying for minimum wage positions, pushing younger, inexperienced workers out of the running and robbing them of their opportunity to gain experience and knowledge” (The Pros and Cons of Raising the Minimum Wage). Today, many minimum wage paying positions are taken by young people that are trying to gain experience in the work field, and are trying to earn money in order to attain a higher education. By raising minimum wage, many of the people that fall into this category would be pushed away and replaced by applicants with more qualifications, depriving more desperate individuals from

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