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The Pros And Cons Of Social Networking

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1.1 Social Networking
Social networks, also known as Information networks, are typically represented by a graph where nodes are data points and edges represent relationships which shows interconnected records. In social network a relationship is represented by the interaction network of individuals that are often connected to each other. But at first glance these relationships may seem simple upon further inspection they can form interesting structures.
For instance, in a social network a relevant structure is materialized as notion of community. There is no clear definition for a community, but a reasonable explanation proposes that the nodes in a community are not connected to other nodes rather they are connected to each other. However, the relationships between nodes in a community have something in common that distinguishes them from other nodes.
1.1.1 Recommendation
In the new era, Recommendation systems play major role because it has changed the way people find products, information and even other people. Unlike search engines where user need to query and will get required result but, where as recommending systems do not need any query process, just by the user activities, or user profile or by considering user history the system can recommend that are needed to user. Thus, the
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FaceBook showed tremendous changes in the way how people communicated and connected to one another. And mainly the friends are recommended based on the previous existing relationships and pick among them as friends for example, FaceBook makes use of social link analysis among those who already share common friends and recommends symmetrical users as common friends and connect people across the country. Which might be not that suitable to recommend as it doesn’t reflect any user preferences on friend selection in real

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