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The Pros And Cons Of Texting

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The world has only been introduced to texting for 20 years and it has already taking effect on our everyday lives. This can be a bad things for us for multiple reasons. One being that we let it take over on how we live. My claim on this subject is that we should learn how to control the problem This habit of constantly texting can cause us to lose focus on the important things like actually communicating. You have to think about the last time you had an actual conversation with friends, family, and others instead of texting them. My first piece of evidence would be that researchers say that ⅔ of the communication is wordless. I get that we can’t talk to people face to face at the moment if they are someplace else but, if there is a person or one of your friends next to you and you are on your phone you should put it down and socialize with others …show more content…
For instance,even though they can cause problems technology has fixed and made us a even better generation. We have invented thing that couldn’t be done in the past . It helps us stay in contact with those far away.The evidence I have to support this would be that say that the parent has children in a different town, state, country they could text their kid and it would still be for a good cause. In conclusion , I think that we use technology but not as much and we should socialize more. The reason I have is that we should get to know people better and texting won’t get us anywhere. It would be better to have more friends than online friends. In the end We should socialize more instead of texting for us to stay together. The world has only been introduced to texting for 20 years and it has already taking effect on our everyday lives. This can be a bad things for us for multiple reasons. One being that we let it take over on how we live. My claim on this subject is that we should learn how to control the

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