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The Protection of Environment

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The protection of environment in Western and Eastern Europe

Natural environmental concerns have been felt since the late nineteenth century, when it was the attitude of admiration transition from passive to active natural beauty drive to protect them and prevent the abuse of natural resources . The central axis of our environmental policy is to ensure a clean environment for the health of its inhabitants , breaking the vicious circle of poverty and environmental degradation , ensuring innovative regenerative growth for the benefit of present and future generations , harmonization of legislation with the specific environmental European Union to accelerate integration into European structures. Without environmental protection , can not ensure sustainable development. Sustainable development includes environmental protection and sustainable development environmental conditions.Requirements and existing requirements at EU level requires a new approach to global environmental problems , in terms of effects and pressure on the environment and all socio -economic consequences . United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED ) held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992 , showed that they can not think of environment and economic and social development as isolated areas and that the only path to long-term economic progress it is binding environmental protection . The key issue of sustainable development is the reconciliation between two human aspirations : need for further economic and social development , and environmental protection and improvement , the only way for the welfare of both the present generation and those to come. To grow sustainably , all countries need access and training in the use of clean technologies and wasting fewer resources. An important message of the Sixth Environmental Action Programme is , among other things, to improve...

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