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The Purpose of Food

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Food has been part of every culture; traditions are built around food. The more diverse the culture, the more options for the food. Thus, humans have a great correlation with food. From the beginning, up to the end of life, we are dependent on nutrition. As a human kind, we consider food as an essential necessity for life. Since humans can function only based on eating, we can conclude that the actual purpose of food is to fuel human’s body. We should eat mostly natural food, which has specially harvested for the living species, rather than processed substances that act as food. However, not everyone thinks the same. The purpose of food varies from one person to another for many reasons. Many of us believe that food delivers happiness, joy, and pleasure in life. There are two types of people in this particular group. In the first group, an individual usually eats outside cooking to save time and enjoy the rest of day in other activities. Commonly, This type of person thinks that humans must not cook at home as long as the readymade food is available on the market. For instance, varieties of fast foods and restaurants are available in our communities for the same purposes. The moment one feels the hunger, one goes to one of these restaurants, or most of the people in this group do not even bother themselves; they just go for the home delivery alternative. Conversely, in other group, people appreciate cooking dishes at home. This group loves to prepare their own versatile dishes for themselves and their families. Individuals in this category are very enthusiast about the food. Thus, from the preparing soil for the plantation to collecting the harvest, they perform every single job on their own. Although the majority of people in this group enjoy making home food, they think that they are free in the society from politics and food businesses. In order to avoid...

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