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The Pyschology of Writing

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“The Psychology of Writing”

The writing process is an in depth and complicated method that helps a writer to compose a paper from beginning to end. The writing process is ongoing and it occurs more than once while writing a paper. This process helps the writer present information in an accurate and precise manner. There are three stages to the writing process. The three stages are planning, translating, and reviewing. Planning is a composing process during which you generate information and strategies, as well as set goals and solve problems. Translating is the execution of plans into writing that others will understand. Reviewing is the process in which you evaluate ongoing writing plans and translations. Together, these three stages make up the writing process. In my professional life, I have used the writing process many times. Being in the military, there are many schools that you have to go to in order to advance your career. One of the last schools you attend is the Senior Leaders Course. During this school, one of the tasks that must be completed in order to graduate is to write an essay on a specific issue in today’s military. This paper is very important. Not only is it a requirement to graduate, but it also helps distinguish who will graduate with honors and who will not. The topic I chose to write about during the Senior Leaders Course was the quality of this generation’s soldier against soldiers that had joined the military in the past. The requirement was 2-4 pages, ensuring that you had enough accurate information to support your stance. I used a specific process for this writing assignment in order to turn in a successful paper. First, I had to plan. During the planning process, I spent three days collecting information and taking notes of ideas and facts that I would include in my paper. Each day, I would start fresh,...

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