The Queen, 2006 Film Analysis

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The Queen

A film directed by Stephen Frears in 2005

Written assignment:

Write an essay (700-1000 words) in which you make a portrait of either Queen Elizabeth or Prime Minister Tony Blair, based on the way the character is depicted in the film. Your essay should also include a brief characterization of either Prince Philip or Cherie Blair.

You may use any of the elements of ‘cinematic technique’ and/or ‘theatrical elements’ in support of your portrayal of the characters, using the document ‘Film analysis’.

The character I have chosen to portray from Stephen Frears movie, “The Queen”, is Queen Elizabeth who is conflicted and under pressure due to the high pressure from her people, who wants to see her respond and show grief for the sudden death of Princess Diana.

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth is the main character in the movie and from the start we get a first impression of her as her majestic and dominant character as shown in the scene where she is in official outfit, while her personal painter paints a picture of her. This impression changes shortly after when she starts discussing why she can’t vote, and wishes she could be partial just once in her life, here she shows a side of a round character and steps away from the stereotypical view of a Queen, who is opinion less and shows inclination of superiority, in this scene she shows humanity and when the camera pans in for a close-up you can see her, otherwise very tight face give a little smile as she speaks with her painter. This scene sets the Queen up to be a very interesting and dynamic character.

When the queen meets the film’s other main character, new elected Prime Minister Tony Blair, she puts on a face to show the Prime Minister who is in charge and implies that he is not the only Prime Minister she has had to counsel, and according to the…...