The Queen

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The Queen
A film directed by Stephen Frears in 2005

I have chosen to portray Queen Elizabeth, and clarify the way she is presented in the movie.

The Queen of England, the monarch, is the main character in the movie.

In the very beginning of the movie, it is clarified, how powerful and dominant she is. This impression is formed by various reasons; her way of dressing – very costly, fine clothes that shows her upper-class, her fancy summers spend in Belmoral, the fact that she’s having a portrait of herself painted, the behaviour of others in her presence, and of cause the location of the scene – the castle. Her appearance in the staring scene really exudes her royal position and importance - it’s clear that it’s queen of England that we’re dealing with, and a very stereotypical one indeed.

Though, this impression begins to change slightly as we move on in the film. As it appears that The Queen shows her dissatisfaction with her political limitations, including the fact that she cannot vote. Despite her being the majesty, she feels negligible in the political context.
This gives us a deeper view on The Queen, and suddenly we begin to consider The Queen as a person influenced by humanity and feelings – she becomes a round person.

Despite this concrete situation, the viewer of the film may misunderstand and begin to consider The Queen as a piteous and cynical person, because she shows weakness by whining about her situation, that’s referred to above but this is quickly rectified.
As we follow The Queens first meeting with the upcoming Prime Minister, Tony Blair, she clearly emphasizes her power and superiority. By telling him that it is her job to advise and guide him, she expresses that she is definitely the better knowing.

The climax of the movie is when the former Princess Diana, who has left the royal family, is involved in a car accident and is…...