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The Racial Situation in Obama's America

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The racial situation in Obama’s America

Black and white are the most basic colors we know. They work together everyday to helps us deal with everyday problems. But somehow this two colors has become the heart of an interracial war. People let the color of their skin tell people who they are and judge people the same way. Are we really a world filled with people who would judge a book by its cover. Or have we forgotten about the past and strive towards living together as one entity ‘Humans’

1: Different attitudes to the racial situation.
Text 1: In “Black is being seen in a whole new light” lawyer and columnist Yolanda Young reflects upon the changes in the racial perception that has taken place after Obama took office in 2009. Her first sighting of change came in form of a compliment from white tourists who said: “You’re so pretty. You look like Michelle Obama.” This compliment lead to her conclusion that a “cultural paradigm shift” had happened. This is not only because she was compared to Michelle Obama, but the fact that she got a compliment in the first place from a white person. This is a big change in the ordinary conduct of interracial interaction and is perhaps the result of Obama becoming the most powerful man in the world. This change also show in certain test that psychologist have conducted where the preference of white only was 51% in comparison to previous test that show a white preference of 81%. So by accepting a black man as their leader the United States and the entire world is becoming more equal. Text 2: Attorney General Eric Holder gives in his speech “Black History Month” his views on todays racial situation. He was assigned by Obama an will therefore make Obama’s dream of racial equality come true during his terms. In the speech, which he gave during Black History Month, he addresses the nation with the future of the racial...

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