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The Reason of Using E-Banking

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The reason of using E-banking
A well developed city with over 7 million citizens, Hong Kong, currently it has about 38 authorized institutions providing E-banking system among Hong Kong (Press release, 2004). Accordingly, this report is to examine the reason why people choose to use E-banking in Hong Kong rather than using traditional bank services and provide an overview on the advantage and disadvantage of using E-banking. After that, we will provide a recommendation on attracting more customers to use E-banking.

Nowadays, more and more technology products are launched into the world, for example, smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, computer, and those technologies are designed to convince people in daily. At the same time, because of the fast development of smart devices, there are a lot of apps, software, internet page and etc., which are designed for those smart device users to use that aim to create a bridge to can allow people communication with the world all the time. X and Y generation are having a better education, therefore, they are easy to be received and accepted more information about new technology and use them. E-banking is an example that recorded the change in the world. E-banking provides 24 hours non-stop service on the Internet; users can manage their financial project all the time wherever they are. (Durisin, 2013) It also helps to reduce the operating cost of bank human resources (Mukherjee, 2013). However, there are people who still worry about the security of E-banking.
There are over 7 million people in Hong Kong and most of them have bank saving accounts, however there might only a quarter of them have E-banking account. E-banking is a newly services system in bank industry and the main users are X-generation and Y-generation, because nowadays, world technologies are improving rapidly. The workloads of Hong Kong citizens are...

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