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The Red Dress Boutique


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The Red Dress Boutique

I first heard of The Red Dress Boutique while watching an episode of The Shark Tank, which airs on Friday night on NBC. Having never heard of this brand or company before, I was instantly intrigued by business partners and couple, Josh and Diana Harbour’s business strategy. In episode 605 of the Shark Tank which aired in the Fall of 2014, the Harbour’s detailed how their social media strategy has basically propelled The Red Dress Boutique to an annual revenue of over $7 million dollars. This business generated multi-million dollar revenue without spending a dime in marketing – and simply using social media – namely Facebook, as its primary marketing source. What makes The Red Dress Boutique stand out is the way they connect with potential customers via Facebook in general. Their Facebook page ( has nearly 1.4 million likes and on average they post 10-12 status or product updates daily. The staff at The Red Dress also does a fantastic job of engaging with customers in these status update threads by offering commentary on garment sizing, inventory alerts if a potential item is limited on stock and general styling ideas and product cross selling. The Red Dress Boutique not only engages and attracts potential customers selling via their Facebook page, they also have a very active Pinterest board as well ( While viewing their Pinterest board, a potential customer can get style tips, shop inventory via seasons or even engage in possible company contests and giveaways. Currently at 39 boards, 14,600 pins, The Red Dress Boutique boasts over 12,000 followers on Pinterest and seems to have a very engaged re-pinning population. I’ve recently come across many of their items re-pinned by followers in my own personal feed. The

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