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The Red Line Essay

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The Red Line

The short story ”The Red Line” written by Charles Higson’s in 1993, takes place in the centre of London. The story deals with three extremely different people who all happens to meet each other while riding the tubes of London, which takes a dramatic turn. Furthermore I will analyse and interpret the short story with special focus on narrative technique and the creation of suspense.

In this short story we are introduced to an Italian man, named Berto. He used to live in Venice, where he met a girl who he believes to be his “girlfriend”, Cathy, who is English. They met in Venice where they had a “relationship”, but they spent most of their time in bed, partly because of Berto's lacking skill of speaking English. Furthermore Berto seems to be a very naive and persistant kind of person. He's naive in a way because he believes that he and Cathy actually were in a relationship, he may not have understood the things that Cathy told him back in Venice, because when he arrives in London he finds that Cathy is in this “open relationship” with another man, with whom they spent a lot of time with. Berto is persistent because even when finds out that Cathy is in this other relationship and has been, even before the two of them met each other, he still keeps on trying to be with Cathy, he clearly seems to be in love. One last thing we can tell about Berto from hos behaviour is that he is very shy. The only to why he keeps sitting in the tubes is because he is way too afraid of asking anyone for directions. He is afraid of that they will laugh at him for his poor English skills.

In the beginning of the short story we are introduced to this cherub looking guy. Right from the start we can interpret that he is an extremely vain human being, “Twice a day he washed his hair, so that it gleamed like precious metal.”(page Furthermore, his skin is white as milk, he...

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