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The Red Tent

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The Red Tent
The Red Tent is a novel written by Anita Diamant and it was published in 1997. The novel is a first-person narrative that tells the story of Jacob’s only daughter, Dinah. There is little written about Dinah in the Bible. Mostly a reader would read about Jacob and his many sons. The author has broadened Dianh’s story in The Red Tent. Dinah first explains how her father, Jacob, came to be married to her mother, Leah. She also explains how Jacob became the husband of four women. Dinah recounts her childhood growing up with eleven brothers and being the only daughter of the family. She tells of days she spent in the red tent with her mothers and t he stories that were told during their time in the red tent. The red tent was a place that the women would go to when they were having their menstrual cycle or when they were about to give birth to a child. No men were allowed in the red tent, but since Dinah was the only daughter she was allowed in the red tent with her mothers. After many years, Jacob decides to move his family into another land. They move to his brother’s land and then later move again outside the city of Shechem. Dinah finally meets a guy who happens to be the prince, his name is Shalem. The queen likes Dinah and arranges for the prince and Dinah to spend time together alone. Dinah and Shalem end up in bed together. Shalem wants to marry Dinah, but Jacob refuses to give her hand in marriage. Shalem is later murdered by Dinah’s brothers Simon and Levi and they take Dinah back home to her father, Jacob. Dinah figures out that Jacob too is responsible for Shalem’s death and she runs away. Many years pass by and Dinah has a child that no one knows his hers and then she becomes a midwife. Several years later she is reunited with her brother, Joseph and they return to Jacob’s house. Dinah discovers that Jacob does not...

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